Ned Church M.A. 
Please note: With the advent of Coronavirus/Covid 19, I am now working remotely with all clients through a teleconferencing service. **I am accepting new clients at this time.**


My practice is built on a foundation of resilience, understanding and empowerment. Together, we'll spend our time collaboratively focused on promoting growth, self-awareness and building upon the existing strengths that you have. Through gentle humor, straightforward dialogue and knowledgeable support, my clinical style leans towards the interactive while following a strengths-based approach (i.e, leveraging your personal strengths to improve your standing in life and to overcome the barriers within it). I believe that curiosity and self-reflection are critical in evolving towards a healthier and happier future. 


As a therapist living with a spinal cord injury and using a wheelchair, I am attuned to the many challenges that the world can cast upon us all. Every day, I navigate the world acutely aware of my limitations but in doing so I am supported and reassured by my own strength and purposeful resolve. My disability does not define who I am, but it does inform the way that I experience my environment and even more so the way that I approach therapy within my practice. In our work together, I will support you as you begin to recognize your own resilience and inner strength.


We all have the ability to change, grow, and self-heal. My goal is to help clients find the right solution for their personal challenges, but in our work together you may find that the solutions are already there — I just help bring them to light.

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For those who may be inclined, I have a four-year-old miniature Golden Retriever named Charlie who loves attention, free pets and meeting new people. Whether she’s at your feet, in your lap or curled up by the window – she is always a calming presence. If you would like Charlie to be present in our work together simply ask!




We all experience hardship in one form or another and at times these disturbances can profoundly change us and how we experience the world. With my training based in CBT, family systems and psychodynamic theory, I will help you make sense of these challenges using a multidisciplinary approach. In our work together however, you will experience me as interpersonally connected and client-centered.  My orientation concentrates on building strong relationships and creating a trusting environment where personal development and insight are able to not only grow, but to prosper!

In my role with you here, we will confront the barriers limiting your expectant potential and in doing so will find ways to lessen the burden of their impact.  In the face of overwhelming odds, it is possible to heal and even thrive - I’ve realized this in my own life and can help you discover it in yours as well.

It’s not uncommon to experience episodes of depression or to feel heightened periods of anxiety.  For some however, these feelings can be far more encompassing and disruptive to everyday activities.  If you are living with anxiety or depression you are not alone, and help is within reach. I offer a safe, supportive environment for you to share how you are REALLY feeling as well as the practical tools to help you cope better day-to-day. Together, we can find ways to help you move from where you are today, towards a more resilient and joyful future self.

Anxiety & Depression

We spend almost one-third of our lives at work so it’s no wonder that work-related stress is a challenge for many of us. Whether you feel strained at work, are struggling to find a job, or looking for a new vocation – I offer a safe place to discuss this openly and thoroughly. Taking a strengths-based approach, we will identify your best attributes and challenges, we can then plan the necessary changes to improve the circumstances surrounding your work– in doing so, we will improve your life!

Career Counseling

When there is stress or conflict in a relationship, its effects can extend far beyond those immediately involved. I offer couples’ and family therapy where we will meet to talk through your complicated relationships and challenging circumstances. If you or your loved ones are struggling, don’t ignore the issues or attempt to get through them alone - I am here to support you in building upon your existing internal resources as you grow together as a healthier and more functioning team.

Couples Counseling & Family Therapy

Sometimes, you just need another perspective to help you navigate your life journey. Whether you are facing a big decision or just feeling a little lost, I can help you strengthen your inner compass as you learn to trust your own wisdom.

Life Coaching

Trauma changes us. When you experience trauma, it shifts the way you experience the world and it can even influence and change the makeup of your physical body. I offer trauma-informed care that can help you process your trauma and move from post-traumatic stress to post-traumatic growth.

Trauma Recovery

Living with illness - day in and day out - is exhausting and can be enormously discouraging. I know what it is like to live with a challenging disability. Through our work together, you will discover strength, resilience, and the determination that is needed to allow you to engage more fully with your life, no matter what your physical condition.

Chronic Illness

Grief and loss take so many different forms throughout our lifetime. None of us make it through life untouched by this kind of pain. I am here to help you express your grief, to feel your pain, and to move through this slowly and intentionally. Our work together will not make the pain go away, but it will give you a lifeline to return to when life gets the better of you and all feels lost. You are not alone in this.

Grief & Loss


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